In outlining our strategy, we take into consideration various environmental, social and governance factors that impact our performance, now and in the future. We seek to understand what our material matters are in order to better define our strategies and develop plans that focus on our most important issues. Knowledge of our material matters would also enable us to allocate our resources more effectively in order to manage any potential impact on our performance and reputation.

Material Matters Identification Process:



Identifying the matters that are material to Kulim’s businesses, from both the Group as well as the stakeholders’ perspective. For this cycle of reporting, a total of 27 material matters were identified by the key personnel involved in driving Kulim’s
sustainability agenda.



By assessing and ranking the material matters on its importance to the business and to Kulim’s stakeholders, we were able to identify seven matters that are critical. We have expounded why these matters are material and the approach undertaken by Kulim to manage them.



Seeking the approval of Senior Management to ensure the prioritisation of the material matters captured Kulim’s efforts and approach to strengthen its sustainability performance.

Material matters have the most impact on our ability to create long-term value. These matters influence how the Board and Senior Management steer Kulim (Malaysia) Berhad.