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Digital annual report 2016
Segment Review - Intrapreneur Ventures

The Group, through the Intrapreneur Ventures (“IV”) Division, supports the development of individuals as entrepreneurs and creates business opportunities that allow them to develop the necessary skills and knowledge management alongside appropriate infrastructure to facilitate their success. The term intrapreneurship, which is a combination of ‘intra’ or internal and ‘entrepreneurship’, reflects the creation of an enterprise within an organisation by driving innovation. Growth of the IV Division moderated amid tighter liquidity conditions, slowing economic growth and rising operating costs. 

However, it remained resilient during tough times as it is well-capitalised with stable risk exposure and had implemented revenue measures and maintained prudent spending. Like many other businesses, the current economic environment has also driven many of our IV companies to operate on a leaner and more efficient manner as they ensure cost cutting measures and curtail excessive spending, thus emerging stronger and more resilient from these challenges and to remain ahead of the competition.


During the year under review, Kulim has stepped up an additional 25% stake in Classruum Technologies Sdn Bhd (“CRTSB”) on 24 November 2016, which saw our total holdings in the operator of the social network for education climbed to 76%. In addition to being part of Kulim’s Corporate Responsibility effort to contribute towards the progress of national education, the increased stake is to enable Kulim to reap maximum potential from this fastgrowing business.

In line with the Group’s rationalisation strategy for IV businesses, in November 2016, Kulim had disposed  Granulab (M) Sdn Bhd (“Granulab”) to Sirim Tech Venture Sdn Bhd for RM685,000. We also recognised several stalled ventures and to minimise further cash burn, we ceased operations of SG Lifestyle Sdn Bhd (“SG Lifestyle”) and JTP Trading Sdn Bhd (“JTP Trading”) in October 2016.

Other businesses within the Division were restructured to create leaner and more efficient operations. During the year, Special Appearance Sdn Bhd (“SASB”) ceased non-profitable activities in event management and film production, in order to be more focused on contracts relating to oil palm replanting services, including the management of a small oil palm plantation - Mersing Hill Estate in Mersing, Johor.

financial highlights

The IV Division recorded revenue of RM57.61 million in 2016, down 10.07% from the previous year’s record. Consequently, earnings also decreased from pre-tax profit of RM1.09 million in 2015 to pre-tax profit of RM704,960.

The Division received its largest 2016 revenue contribution of RM20.42 million from Extreme Edge Sdn Bhd (“EESB”) Group. Other substantial contributors include MIT Insurance Brokers Sdn Bhd (“MIT”) and Kulim Nursery Sdn Bhd (“KNSB”).

The network infrastructure and system provider, EESB, contributed RM2.44 million to the IV Division’s pre-tax profit, while RM1.50 million came from the insurance business. However, the earnings contributions were wiped out by pre-tax losses recorded by a couple of unprofitable ventures, notably Sindora Timber Sdn Bhd and Microwell Bio Solutions Sdn Bhd.
extreme edge (“eesb”) sdn bhd
Incorporated on 1 January 2010 as a one-stop centre providing networking, communications, back-up and recovery solutions. EESB’s vision is to become a premier information technology solution integrator and business performance enhancer, and in a span of seven years, it has stood up to larger and established competitors to create a name in the ICT industry with the support of 37 talented technical specialists in the areas of software engineering, application, analysis, programming, administration and technical support.

For the year under review, EESB Group has recorded a 6.03% increase in revenue of RM20.42 million as compared to RM19.26 million in 2015. However, pre-tax profit eased by 19.49% to RM2.44 million in 2016 from RM3.04 million in 2015, dragged down by lower margin following the completion of Kedai Ayamas & Rasamas (“KARA”) project in 2015 by its wholly-owned subsidiary, Sovereign Multimedia Resources Sdn Bhd (“SMR”). Currently, SMR focuses on services to JCorp only.

Plans are afoot to provide high service content and web/mobile application, enhance consultancy services on network, communication, technology products, to work closely with established partners such as Pinnacle Platform, Astura, Kansolve Network, and to acquire strategic companies that will enable EESB to better position itself in the market.

mit insurance brokers sdn bhd (“mit”)

Founded in 1973, MIT is a home-grown enterprise that has evolved through the passage of time to be a market player of substance with the resources and ability to deliver quality insurance solutions. Centred on its tagline of "World Class, Home Grown",  the company is backed by a team of established and experienced personnel who possess the skills and experience to provide innovative and strategic solutions to enterprise wide risks that businesses and organisations encounter in the conduct and growth of their businesses. Apart from providing conventional insurance MIT is also a licensed Takaful broker.

One of MIT’s specialist services, Commercial, is gaining prominence. MIT designs, manages and administers insurance programs for growing organisations. It uses the knowledge of competitive marketplace to tailor benefits programs and property and casualty coverage to an organisation. By focusing on the needs of corporate client’s Employees Benefits Program, MIT designs tailor-made and cost effective health care program, implements them and provides ongoing consulting on trends and the changing environment relating to employee health care and benefits
kulim safety training and Services sdn bhd (“ksts”)
KSTS a subsidiary of Kulim’s wholly-owned EPA Management Sdn Bhd, provides Occupational, Safety and Health Administration (“OSHA”) consultancy services to assist clients to comply with guidelines, rules and regulations.Guided by its motto to provide “Safety for People, Planet and Profits”, KSTS offers Occupational, Safety and Health (“OSH”) related services with key focus on training on OSH, human resource development, motivation and qualityrelated field work. It also provides advisory services on Occupational, Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSAS 1800), RSPO and ISO Quality Management Systems. It undertakes auditing, inspection and look into cases related to deaths, accidents and dangerous occurrences at the workplace and make recommendations for improvements.

Apart from providing health screening (medical surveillance), noise monitoring and administering urine and drugs tests, the company is also an authorised gas tester, visiting medical officer and a foreign workers medical screening expert on behalf of the Foreign Workers Medical Examination Monitoring Agency (“FOMEMA”). Other services include supplying and purchasing services, installation services, fire-fighting equipment maintenance, road safety and bat/ termite eradication.                                   

Classruum Technologies Sdn Bhd

E-Learning Johor is the latest innovative product introduced by the Johor State Government which uses Classruum.com as the platform. It was specially developed by Classruum Technologies Sdn Bhd (“CRTSB”), a subsidiary of Kulim.

The programme was launched by the Chief Minister of Johor, YAB Dato’ Mohamed Khaled Nordin at Maktab Sultan Abu Bakar, Johor Bahru on 27 April 2017. 600 guests comprising students, teachers and parents attended the event.

CRTSB is moving one step further to develop online tools and resources to promote and foster meaningful interaction among students through active student collaboration and engagement. Through E-Learning Johor, students will discover that online learning in schools are more interactive, social and fun. In addition, by having easy access to additional learning content, this will create the next generation of students who are adept at thinking creatively and critically.

E-leaning Johor is offered to SPM students in Johor who will sit for the examination in 2017. Students whose family household income is below RM10,000 a month are eligible for participation in this programme. This affordable package is offered at only RM140. The normal price for a similar package is RM399.

Kulim’s involvement in the Agrofoods Division is a natural progression from its traditional oil palm business. Started of with small scale cattle-rearing within the oil palm estates with the aim to biologically control the weeding programme and improves company income. As at year-end 2016, we had a total cattle population of 7,565 heads, an increase of 1.52% (2015: 7,452 heads) from the previous year’s. The Government is also encouraging cattle integration in oil palm estates, where the estate owners will implement a cattle breeding and rotational grazing programme in compliance with Good Animal Husbandry Practices (“GAHP”).

Feedlot is the other branch of Kulim’s cattle-rearing which involves two (2) feedlot premises – Bukit Nyamuk and Lubuk Bakul, managed by Kulim Livestock Sdn Bhd (“KLSB”). Its key activities are fattening and Qurban programme. The fattening programme, focuses on the rearing and fattening of cattle for one cycle of four months before being sold or slaughtered. As at 31 December 2016, there are 357 heads of cattle reared under our feedlots. KLSB has also been tasked to manage additional feedlots under JCorp’s subsidiary – Ihsan Permata Sdn Bhd, which will see KLSB’s expanded operation going forward.

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